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I believe that the development of authentic personal connections will create a community where people can make moves towards the achievement of their life’s goals.

As a real estate professional, I recognize that buying, owning, and selling real estate is much more than a financial transaction, but one that significantly impacts many aspects of our lives. Knowing this I seek to build lasting connections with those I serve by first seeking to understand their personal goals and then guiding them through a process to make informed decisions that will move them towards the achievement of those goals. This philosophy of “Connect, Move, and Achieve” is so much more than an approach to real estate service, but one I strive to live beyond a closed transaction and into our local community.

As a resident of Rockingham County since 2008, I have been fortunate to build personal and professional connections across the Central Shenandoah Valley that have helped me to achieve many of my life’s goals. It is here in this community that I met my wife, bought my first home, connected with my church, and served several non-profits. It is because of these experiences and connections that I am so eager to utilize every available resource available to me to serve others in, and soon to be in our community, with all of their real estate related needs and questions.